Filing an Insurance Claim

When you don't understand the law and how it applies in your case, you are at a severe disadvantage. Insurance adjusters know that you are confused and have attorneys working against you. You need an attorney on your side who knows how to deal with insurance companies. Filing an insurance claim is both difficult and time consuming. A single procedural mistake could damage your claim, giving the insurance company ammunition against you or the ability to deny your entire claim. In these situations, it's important to have an experienced lawyer working for you to get the best results possible.


The Power of Negotiation

Lawyers know how to handle insurance companies and defense attorneys. In most situations, insurance companies will deny your claim or pay you as little as possible. When you don't know the law or your rights, it's hard to fight back. Many people wrongly assume insurance companies are looking our for their best interest. In reality, they are trying to pay you the lowest amount possible. A lawyer will help you through the claims process, giving you a leg up against the insurance companies so you are able to recover what you need to pay medical bills, to reimburse you for lost wages, and to help you get back on your feet.


Speaking Legalese

When you sign an insurance contract, you are agreeing to all the legal jargon outlined within it. Whether you understand it or not, you are obligated to abide by it. Without experience, these contracts may be difficult to follow after a collision, and if you do not understand what you are doing, you may waive your insurance coverage entirely. A personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that you are treated properly by the insurance claims adjustor giving you a chance to obtain the best result possible.


Having the Advantage

Winning and losing is often in the preparation and work ethic of your lawyer. Since our legal system is adversarial, you want to hire a lawyer who has the knowledge to litigate. The insurance company and the judicial system aren't on your side, but a lawyer will be working for you and you alone.


Advocating for You

The claims process is frustrating, and trying to make your own case is like going into battle without a weapon. Critical evidence can be excluded if you don't present it correctly. The insurance company has the money and experience to cheat you. Hire a lawyer who has the knowledge to fight back. You wouldn't do your own surgery, why fight your own case?