Why shouldn't I handle my case without an attorney?

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A person who represents himself has a fool for a client

People tend not to be objective about their own situation. When a person is facing a criminal charge, there are bound to be emotions that can get in the way of making good choices. A criminal defense attorney can help the client consider all available options, and choose the best strategy.


Criminal defense attorneys have the training and experience to solve problems that may appear hopeless

The criminal law can be very complex and technical. Words that have a certain meaning in the outside world can take on a special meaning in the context of the criminal justice system. You may be intelligent and capable at dealing with the challenges of life, but if you are facing a criminal accusation, you owe it to yourself to place yourself in the care of an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney.


There is much that an experienced and savvy criminal defense attorney can do to help the client

Sometimes a criminal defense attorney can discover the key that enables a charge to be dismissed. Criminal defense attorneys are able to determine what evidence is likely to be presented in the court, and estimate what the likely outcome might be in a given situation. Criminal defense attorneys can negotiate on the client's behalf. Criminal defense attorneys can do many things to mitigate the damage that a criminal accusation can cause to the client.


We frequently get calls from people who express regret that they attempted to handle their case without an experienced and capable attorney

The consequences to a criminal charge can be severe and long-lasting. You owe it to yourself to place yourself in the care of an experienced and savvy criminal defense attorney at a time when the attorney can do you the most good. Your friends, family, business associates, and neighbors, may all have their opinions about what you should do about your case. But only an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney can guide you through through the process of handling a criminal prosecution.

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