Why Innocent People Should Never Communicate with the Police

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I learned this at the conference: “DUI Communicating Your Way to an Acquittal," presented by the National College of DUI Defense and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Professor James Duane of Regent Law School gave a presentation on why innocent people should plead the fifth and never talk to the cops. Here is why according to Professor Duane.

  • You often do not know whether you’re innocent.
  • Police officers are human and make mistakes.
  • Innocent suspects make mistakes.
  • Innocent suspects never know what mistaken witnesses or unreliable evidence the police may have against them.
  • Any statement can be used to incriminate you if the police are mistaken or confused about what they told you or asked you.
  • Even if you say nothing that can be used against you, the police will be allowed to testify that they thought you appeared too nervous or too calm.
  • Police deception tactics are unchecked during interrogation.
  • You can be prosecuted for false statements to the police or obstruction of justice.

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National College for DUI Defense, Inc. www.ncdd.com


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