When to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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There are occasions where you may want to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent facility. If you're considering filing a lawsuit, it's important to be aware of when you should take this action and when you need to take other actions. The most important thing is that the abuse is stopped right away.


If you know that abuse is going on, you have to report it right away. Remember that it's unlikely that your loved one is the only one being subjected to abuse in an abusive facility. Your loved one may well not be the one being subjected to the worst abuse, either. When you see abuse and when you know something is wrong, you need to contact the authorities and let them know right away.

Sometimes, the authorities will undertake sting operations to find out who is responsible for the abuse. Nurses aides in one nursing home, for instance, were recorded abusing a patient on a hidden camera, leading to criminal charges. The authorities may want to undertake such an operation if the abuse is hard to identify or if they need more evidence.

Your loved one's physician should also be notified immediately. They'll want to examine the patient to make sure that they're not in danger and to document any signs of abuse. Whatever they discover may be useful to the authorities in bringing charges against the parties responsible.

The Lawsuit

If you have a loved one who was abused in a nursing home or if you, yourself, where the victim of such abuse, contact a lawyer after the danger has passed. An attorney may be able to sue one of the parties involved in the abuse for negligence.

Remember that it doesn't matter whether or not anyone was brought up on criminal charges when you're considering a lawsuit. If someone was, it might help your lawsuit to win. If no one was, it doesn't mean that there wasn't negligence involved in the abuse.

Talking to an attorney right away is advisable. They can let you know how long you have remaining to file a lawsuit, so you can figure out how long you have to consider the matter before your window of opportunity passes. The jury awards and settlements from these cases are sometimes quite large, providing a way for the family affected to recover financially.

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