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When the State Holds Your Refund or Makes You Repay on Unemployment Overpayment

Posted by attorney Tracey Martin-Henry

Additional resources provided by the author

• State Bar of Michigan - Attorney listings. Phone 1-800-968-1442. or
• Department of Human Services (FIA) - Website: E-mail:
o Child Support debts & offsets. Phone1-866-540-0008.
o Debts for ADC, Food Stamps Emergency Need, Adoption Subsidy Phone 1-800-419-3328.
• Friend of the Court (FOC) - Office of Child Support: 517-373-2035.
• Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) - For Delinquent/Unpaid unemployment debts contact Benefit Payment Control Unit 1-800-638-6372
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Phone 1-800-829-7650. Website:

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