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When Should You Retain An Attorney When Being Investigated By Your Licensing Body?

Posted by attorney Seth Rosenberg

I am frequently contacted by individuals who are professionally licensed through the state. Nurses, mortgage brokers, loan originators, tow truck drivers, massage therapists, and estheticians all are licensed though a department at the State. They have been accused of a wrongdoing and the department that regulates their profession has contacted them as part of the process of investigating the complaint.The professional calls me to discuss their situation and ask when they should retain an attorney.The professionals are typically in denial with regard to the seriousness of the charges against them. The professional thinks that they can simply talk to the department investigator, explain the situation, acknowledge some errors and somehow things will be alright. It rarely plays out in a simple and positive fashion.This scenario is played out whether the investigatory body is the Department of Health, the Department Financial Institutions, or the Department of Licensing.

The first thing to understand is that an investigator has a job to do. They exist to collect evidence and build cases.There is a commonly held belief among investigators that all professionals that they investigate are hiding something and likely guilty of something.I know, I worked for four years conducting investigations for the Superior Court of Pima County, Arizona.

The reality that the investigator is there to try to build a case against you means that you should not talk to them without the advice of an attorney.An attorney can help you prepare for an interview and present the evidence supporting you in the most favorable light possible.An experienced attorney might also know the agency attorney assigned to the case and be able to negotiate a favorable outcome.In other words, for what is often a modest fee, an attorney can help the professional mitigate the accusations and obtain a favorable outcome without the need for and expense of litigation.

The attorneys at the Rosenberg Law Group, PLLC have considerable experiencerepresenting professionals with their licensing agency.Call The Rosenberg Law Group, PLLC at (206) 407-3300 or Email Us at SEVEN DAYS A WEEK for a FREE consultation if you are under investigation or facing charges.Our Rates Are Always Affordable.

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