When choosing the right criminal defense lawyer for your case, it is important to research the reputation of the attorney. Ask such questions as: does the attorney visit the client when they are in custody? does the attorney want and welcome input from the client on the strategy of the defense? will the attorney be available to talk to me or will I have to speak with an assistant when I call? does this attorney have a reputation for being a trial attorney or a "plea attorney"? All of these questions could make all the difference in the overall experience you have with your criminal defense attorney and your personal satisfaction with the outcome of your case. Remember, Y O U are the most important player in any criminal case.



Before choosing an attorney to represent you in a criminal matter, look into that attorney's experience in the field of criminal defense. It is important to know whether the attorney you are hiring has had experience representing clients in the nature and type of case that you have. It is, in most instances, also important to hire an attorney who practices in the jurisdiction in which your case is filed when at all possible. A local attorney will be in a much better position to advise you of what you can expect from your assigned judge and prosecutor. There are vast number of personal preferences, as well as administrative procedures that vary from court to court and county to county.


Miscellaneous Considerations

Criminal defense is a unique and multi-faceted area of law practice. There is no other area in the practice of law that contains the innate responsibility of a lawyer in handling the actual liberty and freedom, and in some instances, the life or death of another human being. The responsibility is an awesome one and one that must be treated with the respect that it is due. Criminal Defense Lawyers are also unique in that we choose to practice in the area of law that brings about some of the most heated debates in history. Many of our friends and family members shriek at the mere mention of the crimes and clients we CHOOSE to defend. The passion and desire to seek justice on behalf of our clients is the driving force behind a worthy criminal defense attorney.