What To Gather After An Auto Accident In Michigan And How To Get Your No-fault Benefits Promptly.

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List of important items to gather after an auto accident to get your benefits as promptly as possible

1) Declaration sheet from insurance company-also known as the Dec. Sheet. It is the breakdown of your insurance benefits which is generally sent once a year with the total bill for your premium. 2) Copy of your insurance policy language also known as the insurance contract. 3) Police Report 4) Itemized vehicle repair records 5) Photographs of vehicle (take at least 20) 6) List of all hospitals and Doctors you have treated with along with their address and telephone numbers 7) Photographs of any injuries sustained in the motor vehicle incident. 8) letter from employer verifying employment and wages. 9) Doctor disability for wages and household services and attendant care if applicable. 10). All witnesses to motor vehicle incident along with addresses and telephone numbers. 11). Affidavits of household services and attendant care, if applicable.


Preserving Evidence

In many cases the automobile, motorcycle, helmet, bicycle or other evidence specific to your case, needs to be preserved. Please do not sign over the title or fail to preserve to any vehicle or motorcycle or other evidence, without checking with our firm first. Preservation of evidence is sometimes critical in proving the case and protecting your legal rights.

Additional Resources

Speak to a lawyer at our offices for additional information. When you meet with us for your free consultation we will go over all the items needed in detail. It is important to contact us immediately after your motor vehicle accident to both preserve evidence and to begin gathering important information to protect your rights.


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