There are more speeding tickets being given out now then ever. The state is in a tough economy and it seems like more people are getting tickets.


Look at the ticket

You need to look at the ticket. Make sure the ticket is signed and has the right date and time. These things might make it easier for an appeal.


Send in the appeal

If you have decided to appeal the ticket you will need to make sure you send in the appeal in time. For your first appeal you will be in front of a clerk. The clerk hearing will cost you $25.


Gather evidence

You may want to take a picture of the street and the signs on the street. You may want to bring other documents or witnesses with you.


Show up on the right date

If you don't show up on the right date you may forfeit your right to a hearing. Make sure you show up on the right date.


Second appeal

If you lose your initial appeal you can file a second appeal to be heard by a judge. The police officer that pulled you over needs to be at the judge hearing. If the police officer doesn't show up then your ticket dismissed. This second appeal will cost you $50.