What to Do if You're the Target of a California Domestic Violence Investigation

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Stay Silent

There's a reason why police must read you your rights before questioning you in a criminal case - because everything you say CAN be used against you in court. This is why it's important to stay silent until you've had a chance to confer with a lawyer.


Hire a Qualified Attorney

A California defense lawyer who is experienced in domestic violence cases is an invaluable asset. Your attorney will protect your rights during a police interrogation and help you craft a defense strategy. Remember, you're entitled to an attorney even if you can't afford one - the state will provide you with a lawyer. Take advantage of this important right!


Keep a Diary

It's critical to write down everything you remember about the events leading up to the incident, the encounter itself, and everything that happened until the police arrived. Doing this as early as possible will help your lawyer effectively defend you.

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