What to Do if You Are Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident on Someone Else's Property in Georgia?

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Report the Accident and Seek Medical Care.

Immediately reporting the accident is important. If you are in a store or business tell a clerk or manager you were hurt and ask them to assist you in calling for medical care, if needed. If you are able to seek medical treatment on your own, do so immediately. If possible, take pictures of the scene of the accident with a camera or cellphone before leaving. Take pictures of the walkway and any obstructions or factors, which lead to the fall, such as a spill, uneven pavement, broken floorboards, or an icy stairway.


Call a Law Firm Specializing in Both Premises Liability and Personal Injury.

It is important to retain an experienced personal injury and premises liability attorney immediately to ensure that all evidence pertaining to your accident is preserved and that your best interests are protected. Unfortunately, property insurance companies are often more interested in financial exposure rather than protecting victims. It is important to secure an attorney well versed in both personal injury claims and premises liability investigations right away, before crucial evidence is destroyed.

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Call Premises Liability and Personal Injury Attorneys at The Murray Law Firm 888-842-1616. It is important to call us within 24 hours of your slip and fall accident. Once you call, we’ll handle every aspect of your case, making sure you receive both the medical care you need and the financial compensation you deserve.

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