What to do if you are in an accident

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The first thing that you should do if you are in an accident.

First you are required to stop. In the state of Nevada if you leave the scene of an accident and there is a serious injury to another party you could be charged with a felony. If there is property damage you could still be charged with a misdemeanor.


Secondly, determine if you or someone is injured.

The second thing that should be done is determine if anyone or yourself are injured. You should then call the police and determine if paramedics and/or an ambulance are needed at the scene. Try to administer first aid to anyone at the scene until the medical personnel arrive, but do not move anyone that is unconscious or has a neck or back injury. Stop any bleeding if at all possible. This requirement applies to you or any other person involved in the accident.


Thirdly, Exchange Information with the other driver.

You and the other driver must exchange information. In addition, you will be required to answer the questions of the police officer concerning your license, registration and insurance. The officers in Nevada will generally give you a temporary accident report that will have the name, and insurance policy of the person that you are involved with in an accident, as well as the owner of the vehicle.


Fourthly, get the name and phone number of any witnesses.

The officer may give you names and phone numbers of witnesses that are present. However, in the event that you do not receive the information, or in the event that the police are not present, for whatever reason, you should get the name and phone numbers of any passengers and the name and phone numbers of any witnesses. Once the witnesses are gone they are usually lost forever.


Fifthly, file an accident report and contact the insurance companies

In Nevada you are requied to report the accident. In addition, you should contact your insurance company and the insurance company of any party that is responsible for the accident.


Car Repairs

The person that caused your accident is ultimately responsible for the repair of your vehicle. Depending on the coverage you have with your own insurance it may be quicker to have your insurance do the repairs and have them work-out the payment for the repairs. You also may be entitled to the use of a rental car while you car is being repaired. Do not be bullied by the insurance company because you are entitled to have your car repaired to the same condition that it was in before the accident or have the car totaled if the repair is greater than the value of the car. Your attorney can assist you with the reparir of the car.



For any type of injury you need to have a medical examination to determine the extent of the injury. If you were not at fault your attorney can assist you in getting the proper treatment for the injuries that you have sustained. The insurance company does not choose which doctors that you will see. Ultimately, the person who caused the accident, or that person's insurance will be responsible for your injuries. You should also keep a log about the injuries and treatment that you have received, the pain and suffering that you have suffered and any other information about your missed opportunities and expenses that are being incurred.

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