Do Not Sign Any Paperwork

By signing, you may waive your right to an attorney or your right to a hearing before a judge


Do Not Accept "Voluntary Departure"

Consult with an attorney before accepting "voluntary departure". Signing a voluntary departure acceptance means you will not have a hearing before a judge, you will have to leave the United States and depending on your circumstances you may not be able to return to the United States or obtain any immigration relief.


Do Not Assume Immigration Officials Will Explain Your Rights

Immigration officials and Immigration Judges may not fully explain your rights and options to you. Do not assume the information you are given is correct. Consult with an attorney before deciding on what action to take.


You Have the Right to an Attorney

You have the right to consult with an attorney even when detained. You have the right to be represented by an attorney in any hearings before an Immigration Judge, but the Immigration Service and the United States Government will not pay for your attorney, nor will they provide you one. Immigration may provide you with a list of community organizations and attorneys or you may ask a relative or friend to find an attorney for you.


Consult with an Attorney

Consult with an immigration attorney and provide all the information you have regarding your status, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. You must provide your attorney with all the information you feel is important in your immigration case. It is important for your attorney to understand your circumstances in order to determine if you have any relief from deportation


You May Ask for a Bond for Your Release

Under very limited circumstances, you may be eligible to post a bond for your release pending future hearings before an immigrations judge. Make sure you share with your attorney the circumstances surrounding your arrest so that your attorney can determine if you are eligible for a bonded release.