What to Do Following an Alabama Auto Accident

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Be aware of recorded statements!

Don't give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company before consulting with an auto accident attorney. The adjuster will call you and attempt to ask you questions about the accident. Ideally, it would be best for them if fault can be placed on you. It is best to review the accident report and gather your thoughts, preferably with an attorney's guidance, before answering any questions.


Seek medical treatment.

Complete your medical treatment. Never ever consider signing a release until you have reached maximum medical improvement (mmi). You may have asymptomatic (latent) conditions that may surface later, such as a bulging or herniated disc. Request an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) from your doctor. Standard radiographs (x-rays) are ineffective in showing common spinal injuries such as bulging discs, annular tears, etc. If a doctor orders therapy, complete all sessions regardless of inconvenience.


Don't forget about your own insurance policy.

Review your own insurance policy. It should provide med-pay benefits, uninsured coverage, collision coverage, etc., in the event the other driver does not have insurance. Your policy probably requires that you give your insurer notice to protect your potential UM benefits claim. An auto accident lawyer can help you with this.


Find an Alabama car wreck lawyer

Consult with an auto accident lawyer! It may very well be that you will not need legal counsel for your particular situation. However, if you do need representation, it is better to start off with legal guidance sooner than later.


Create a paper trail.

Keep copies of all your bills and medical reports. Although your attorneys will order all your medical records and bills, he/she can assist you with bill collectors.

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