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What to Do After the Divorce Is Final

Posted by attorney Mary Commander

Getting the divorce finalized is the crucial first step. There generally will be other tasks that must be performed. First, review the terms of the legal documents and determine what those tasks are and the deadlines for completion. Make a list. Then find a safe and secure place to store the documents for future reference.

The Property Settlement Agreement may have requirements that certain things be done, such as deeds to real estate being prepared and signed; mortgages being refinanced, titles to vehicles being transferred; debts being paid. These do not happen automatically. You have to act to see that they are done! Surprisingly, many people do not. Take action where action needs to be taken on the requirements of the agreement that benefit you. Don't worry about what other people are supposed to be doing-unless that benefits you. Be certain that protections that are required are in place. If life insurance was required, you need to SEE proof. The same is true for medical or any other type of coverage. Be sure to change beneficiaries on EVERYTHING. Including retirements, insurance policies, IRA's, bank accounts. Be certain that no joint accounts for anything exist. Notify everyone. Social Security. Employer. If you have children and there is a custody order, provide a copy to the child's school. Make the necessary filings. For example, if you were awarded a portion of a retirement you need to file the appropriate paperwork within the required time.If you are dealing with the military or federal government, failure to file the right papers within the right time can cause a loss of benefits!

Take care of your medical insurance.

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