Don't speak to the insurance companies

The insurance company will act really nice to you, don't forget that their goal is to pay you the least money possible.


Hire an attorney- This does NOT mean that you have to sue anyone or go to court.

We understand this is a very scary time for you. You need to hire an attorney for many reasons: so you don't have to talk to the insurance companies (you need to focus on getting better), the attorney will speak with the at fault insurance company and the medical providers to sort out payment stuff, you also need someone on your side to fight to try and get you compensated for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and any future medical bills. Just a note: Because you hire an attorney does not mean that you have to sue anyone and the goal is to keep you OUT of court!


Call more than one attorney

You should call a couple attorney's to find one that you feel comforable with and trust. Hire someone that treats you with the respect. A good attorney will take the "worry" away from you, so that you can focus on getting well.


Seek medical advice

Make sure you see a doctor and get proper treatment. You need a record in case you continue to have pain.


Keep notes

Make sure that you keep notes on each day that you missed from work. Keep notes on how you are feeling and questions that you want to ask the Doctor for your next appointment.