Be Polite

Be polite but speak very little. Police officers are well trained and professional. Be polite and respectful to the officer, who is under pressure to do his job and his job is to find evidence of a crime. You don't have to assist him in finding evidence by talking but you can be short, concise and polite.


Field Sobriety Test

You do not have to submit to any Field Sobriety Tests, or more officially known as Tasks, because there isn't a true pass or fail. They are always used against you as an "indicator". Tennessee law does not require you to take any field sobriety tests/tasks. These tasks are complex and difficult to perform under the best conditions. If you have any doubt about your ability to perform a field sobriety task, politely refuse.


Blood/Breath Test

You do not have to submit to a blood or breath test. Although there are consequences for refusing a breath or blood test, you have the right to refuse if you decide it is not in your best interest to take the test. In TN the consequences are loss of license for one year and NO criminal conviction but a civil offense of breaking your DL contract with TN.