What to Bring to Your Divorce Consultation

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A List of Major Assets

Prepare and bring a list of your titled assets including but not limited to your autos, boats, trailers, jet ski's and any other titled assets. Try and include the year and model if possible. It is also helpful to prepare a brief list of your other major assets, such as items worth over $5000.00.


Tax Returns

It is especially helpful to bring 3 years of your most recent tax returns. As a divorce attorney, I can review returns and determine a great deal about a case and the potential issues involved. Tax returns will include references to other bank accounts, assets businesses, and income. For example, if your spouse has a small business which claims a loss every year, I can review the return and determine if the loss appears on the surface to be real or simply manufactured by tax laws and accounting. We can also make initial judgements about support and alimony claims.


A List of Debts

Prepare a list of your debts with special attention to debts to individuals or small business. Pull your credit report and review and it and bring it with you. This will show every debt that is currently reflected on your credit report, and will provide you at least some information about recent balances. This will save you a lot of time.


Current Financial Statements

Gather your most current banking and debt statements. Almost all of these statements may be obtained online these days, and if you have not already done so you may need to register online for an account. The important dates for an initial consultation would be the date of separation. Naturally, a more detailed review looking back further will be in order later.


List Your Questions

While I try to answer any basic question you might have about alimony, child support, child custody, property division, equitable distribution, or whatever else you issues may be, people have their own specific questions that they want answered. It is very easy to get nervous or overwhelmed with the information you are receiving in an initial consultation, so it is a good idea to write down your questions before hand.

Additional Resources

Remember that all of your questions cannot be answered in an initial consultation. As a divorce lawyer, my primary purpose is educate clients on the law first, and then briefly relate that law to their situation. Finally, I counsel people on the practical solutions to their issues and problems in order to give them an idea of where I think they need to go. Having the basic information above makes my task much easier, and much more accurate, thereby giving you better legal advise in a shorter period of time.

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