What Should I Do About My Traffic Ticket???

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Remember that Traffic Tickets can have a profound effect on your Driver's License and Insurance...

Many people who receive a traffic ticket show up to the clerk's office of the District Court and pay the fine, not really thinking about the consequences. Traffic tickets can add points to your license and if your insurance company notices that you have those additional points on your license, your insurance premiums can increase. Anytime you receive a traffic ticket you have the right to have a hearing on that ticket.


Maybe You should have a Hearing...

There are two types of hearings. You have the option of an Informal Hearing, would consist of you and the Peace/Police Officer that wrote you the ticket and a Magistrate who will preside over the hearing. You also have the right to a formal hearing wherein you can be represented by an attorney and the Police Officer is represented by the Prosecutor's Office or City Attorney. At first glance you might think that a formal hearing is too overwhelming, but sometimes having a formal hearing will be beneficial, especially if you have an otherwise clean (or near-clean) driving record. Attorney's can sometimes negotiate a civil infraction that will not appear on your driving record (non-abstracted) or an infraction that does not involve points on your driving record. The bottom line is that it is probably worth your time to at least speak with an attorney to further discuss your options, but remember you only have a certain number of days to take action before the Court will enter a Default.

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