what not to say to police in criminal investigation.

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speak not

Always remember. You get a lawyer to protect your rights. Don't let the police convince you that innocent people have nothing to hide. Their job is to convict. Period.


assert yourself

Always invoke your right to remain silent and your request to speak with a lawyer. All police questioning must cease at that point no matter what you are misled to believe.



The police are allowed to use deceit and trickery and lie to you. Also no deals are enforceable without a signed agreement and ada or da present to agree. Invoke your above rights.


dont be besten,fooled,misled,or good cop and bad cop school

Police often play games. They are experts at manipulation and interrogation. Whether local,state,or federal. They attend school on it. They are known for it. Don't be misled. Don't answer or sign anything without your lawyer. No audio. No video. No religious messing with your head. No skilled interrogator tricking you into confessing. Invoke your rights. Period

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