What is my personal injury case worth? The 3 things you need to know about a personal injury lawsuit

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#1 Liability - 3 things to know about Personal Injury Lawsuits

(1) Liability Liability means there is someone (defendant or defendants) who did something wrong under the law. A defective product is an example of a product liability claim. This can mean that a manufacturer sold something that caused pain and suffering to a consumer. The defendant(s) you intend to sue can make a big difference. Suing the government, for example, can be more complex than suing a private company. (3) Collectability.


#2 Damages - 3 things to know about Personal Injury Lawsuits

(2) Damages Damages are the results of the defendant's actions that caused damage, or injury, to you. Pain and suffering from recalled products are an example. Damages can be allowed for past damages and future damages. The kinds of damages for which you can be compensated are controlled by Texas law. Some factors that Texas law recognizes as personal injury damages can include: o medical expenses o lost wages from your job or loss of future earning capacity o physical pain o mental anguish o physical impairment o wrongful death damages o punitive damages o attorney's fees o costs of court.


#3 Collectability - 3 things to know about Personal Injury Lawsuits

(3) Collectibility If you are successful in a personal injury claim, you will be given a judgement. This means that the defendant owes you money for the damages in your claim. Many times, the defendant cannot pay your damages, or does not have enough insurance coverage to cover them. Insurance coverage can usually make a difference in auto accidents or trucking accidents, and whether or not you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, or Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage (PIP). When you have been injured because of an auto accident, trucking accident, medical malpractice, or because of defective products, it is best to see a personal injury lawyer immediately so that evidence can be gathered in your particular case. Visit our website for more free information about personal injury claims.

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