What is an Examination before trial (deposition)

WHAT IS AN EXAMINATION BEFORE TRIAL (EBT)? An Examination Before Trial or deposition as it is sometimes called is a simple procedure, which can be used by either side prior to a trial in a lawsuit, to learn as much as possible about the other side's claims. This procedure is useful in bringing any issues out in the open and making for a fair trial... one without surprises. The procedure is quite informal involving only the parties, their attorneys, and court Reporter, who records the questions and your answers. Even though the procedure is informal, the law requires your attendance. An EBT is not something that you have a choice to do. Because of this, we will need your full cooperation. You will find that the experience will not be unpleasant and that the EBT may speed up the handling of your matter. Remember...at all times...LESS IS MORE!


What is an Examination before Trial (continued)

PREPARATION FOR THE EXAMINATION BEFORE TRIAL The attorney representing you will meet with you at least one hour before the Examination Before Trial and explain to you the types of questions to expect and answer any questions you may have. The preparation period will last as long as necessary to prepare you and to help you feel more at ease. Please be prompt for your appointment. YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE The Examination Before Trial is the first opportunity the opposing counsel will have to see you. It is very important that you make a good first impression. Keep in mind the insurance company lawyer will be "sizing" you up. It is important you appear as natural as possible. Dress neatly yet comfortably. Do not try to be someone you are not, dress with your style in