Be Truthful

Sharing information with your attorney is important and being truthful with your attorney is the most important thing for you to remember. Your attorney may be hindered in their representation of you in you fail to be truthful. Its much more difficult for the attorney to defend you if he or she learns from a third party that you are not being truthful. Remember attorneys are trained to advocate for their clients and just because you tell your attorney something that may be harmful to your case, the attorney may know how to present it in a manner which helps your case or minimizes any damage. However, if you provide your attorney with untruthful information, your attorney may not be able to develop a good strategy on how to use the information.


Answer your Attorneys Questions

Your attorney may pose several questions to you. Its important that you answer all of your attorney's questions. Your attorney is asking you questions for a reason. Those answers will help your attorney prepare your case. Also, try your best to answer the questions in a timely manner because attorneys must follow strict timelines in filing documents. You would hate for your attorney to wait for your responses and miss an important deadline which could impact your case.