What Happens at a Meeting of Creditors?

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Its a good idea to arrive early to your meeting of creditors so you can meet with your attorney beforehand. Your attorney will provide guidance for your particular meeting. She will also make sure that you brought your drivers license and your social security card. Sometimes the Trustee asks you to complete an additional form - this practice varies among the Trustees but that is why it helps to arrive early. You also need to read the green U.S. Trustees pamphlet which should be readily available in the meeting room.


Introduction by the Trustee

Your Trustee will introduce himself and will let you know about any specific procedures. You may have a 10:00 a.m. Meeting of Creditors but the Trustee may be running late - he will start the introduction when he is ready to begin the 10:00 a.m. calendar rather than specifically at 10:00 a.m. Most Trustees run on time but there can be unexpected issues in a previous case that causes the Trustee to run late.


Your Name is Called

There will be a group of other debtors scheduled for the same meeting time. So, you need to wait quietly until your name is called. At that point, you walk up to the table and sit down across from the Trustee. Your attorney accompanies you. Then you hand the Trustee your social security card and your drivers license (and any other forms they request). The Trustee proceeds to ask you a few questions. If you would like to see some examples of the types of questions that are asked please see the link to my blog below. At this meeting, the Trustee will give you your tax return that your attorney mailed the Trustee.


Follow Up?

At this point in the Meeting of Creditors, you and your attorney will know if the Trustee needs any additional information. If the Trustee does need more information, you should get that information to your attorney as soon as possible. In more cases than not, the Trustee has everything they need to make a decision and you are done.


After the Meeting of Creditors

It is usually a good idea to wait for your attorney to go over the Meeting of Creditors with her. That way you understand what happened and what (if anything) still needs to be done. You will probably have a huge sense of relief that this part of the bankruptcy process is behind you. At this point, you will realize that it was not as difficult as you had thought it would be. Now you simply follow your attorney's instructions on what else needs to be done - you are one important step closer to your discharge!

Additional Resources

For more information about the questions a Trustee may ask please see my article below.

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