What happens after you have been approved for Social Security Disability benefits

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Keep going to the doctor

If you're really disabled, this step is a 'no brainer' but some people think that once they've been approved, they've hit the jackpot. Remember, you need to keep your treatment going because it proves that you still need care.


You will get reviewed again

It's called a CDR or Continuing Disability Review. Unless you're about to hit retirement age, you can bet that every 3 to 5 years, Social Security is going to review your case to determine if you're still disabled. In order for them to confirm that you are, you need to keep getting treatment because if they think you've gotten better, your benefits may stop.


Keep SSA informed of any changes

If you decide to go back to work, Let SSA know. If you decide to go to school, let SSA know. If you get arrested and might go to jail, let SSA know. If you get an inheritance, VA benefits, or any other type of lump sum, let SSA know. If you owe child support, let SSA know. If you're moving in with someone who may be paying your bills, let SSA know. All of these things may impact your disability benefits and they need to know.


If you KNOW you shouldn't be getting money from SSA, let them know QUICK

Most people get caught in an OVERPAYMENT situation where they owe money because they kept getting money from SSA. Trust me. They will take whatever steps they need to get their money back so don't wait once you find out that you are still getting money when you shouldn't.

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