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What happens after approving the application for an orphan petition Form I-600?

Posted by attorney Carl Shusterman

After approving the I-600, we will notify the embassy or consulate of the United States so they can give the child a visa to come to the United States. Regardless of whether you complete the adoption process abroad or the embassy or consulate of the United States will give the child an immigrant visa to enter the United States. • If you complete the adoption process before the child enters the United States, and you and your spouse have personally seen the orphan prior to or during the adoption proceedings abroad, then generally the child will automatically acquire U.S. citizenshipwhen admitted with an immigrant visa if it is admitted to the United States before age 18. The child will be automatically processed to receive a certificate of citizenship, rather than a permanent resident card. • If you decide to complete the adoption process in the United States or if the child is 18 or older on the date of admission, acquire permanent residence when admitted with an immigrant visa. The child will automatically receive U.S. citizenship as long as you complete the adoption process before the child turns 18.When you complete the adoption process, you may request a certificate of citizenship on behalf of her recently adopted son, using Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship.Forms and instructions for their completion are available on our website at For more information about the immigration process for orphans, please consult our manual M-249, Immigration of adopted children and children that will be adopted. The manual is available on our website or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283.

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