What happens after a DWI arrest in Kaufman County

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The DWI Stop and Investigation Kaufman County- Field Sobriety Tests

First is your decision of whether or not to take field sobriety tests and/or whether to give a blood or a breath sample. You should know that field sobriety tests are government junk science. They are a scam used in place of real evidence of intoxication. Think about it, what does walking heel to toe have to do with safe driving? Nothing. So don't do these stupid human tricks. You have the absolute right to refuse these tests in Texas, and you should. NEVER look at the pen. That's a common trick as well. The officer will ask if he can "check your eyes to see if you are ok to drive", just say no. You will always be videotaped in Kaufman County. So be nice, and don't answer any questions. You do not have to talk about where you are coming from, or what you had to drink. But be nice while asserting your right to silent. Tell the officer you'd rather not answer any questions without a lawyer, and that you'd rather not take and field balancing tests.


Kaufman County DWI and Blood/Breath Tests

You do not have to take a breath or blood test and you should always refuse. DPS has had a rash of recent scandals involving their forensic labs. Unfortunately, you just can't DPS to provide a fair and accurate system of blood and breath testing, so don't give them a sample. It will cost you thousands to hire a real expert to check DPS "results". These blood and breath testers are not neutral observers, they are paid to convict you not to run a fair and accurate blood lab or breath test. The price of refusing is a longer license suspension. But if you have no prior DWIs you can get a


Kaufman County DWI and Bail

Most DWI arrests make bail at the Kaufman County jail, recently Forney has started setting bail at their jail, but it's not common. At the Kaufman jail bail is set between 8-10 in the morning. For a DWI case with no priors bail is usually between $1000 and $3000. A local bail bondsman will charge you 10-15% to make bail, or you can pay a cash bond. If you pay a cash bond you get your money back at the end of the case.


ALR Hearing

When you leave the jail you will not have your license. Instead you will get a piece of paper titled "temporary driving permit". This permit is your new license, it is good for 40 days, or until you have an ALR hearing. This is important, YOU ONLY HAVE 15 DAYS TO REQUEST AN ALR HEARING. It's very difficult to win the ALR hearing, DPS has rigged the rules so that they almost always win. If you lose you can apply for an occupational license, some people call this a work permit.


Your first court date

You will go to court usually around 3 months after you are arrested. Some cases may take longer to be filed, and cases with blood testing may be delayed until the blood results are received. We will have you ready for court and during our consultation I will explain how we fight the cases and get the best results. We have a proven system that results in many of our clients DWI being dismissed and they end up pleading to lesser charges. We will help you.

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