Look at the ticket for the date and time of your mandatory Court appearance

The ticket will, among other things, tell you the DATE and TIME of your mandatory Court appearance. Write the date and time down on a calendar or somewhere where you will not forget it. Some jurisdictions (states, cities, or villages) offer very little time, I have seen as little as 10 days, to appear or pay the fine. Sometimes, this date can be extended through a lawyer. Injury lawyers may sometimes represent you depending on the facts of your case.


Contact an Injury Attorney IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the date of your Court appearance and discuss a "no contest" plea

If you have been injured, you should IMMEDIATELY contact an Injury Attorney BEFORE THE APPEARANCE DATE to discuss the ticket and the facts of your accident and how you should handle the ticket depending on which state the accident occurred. You should also discuss what proper steps to take in your jurisdiction (state) so that your civil claim is not affected (if possible) by the ticket. For example, in Ohio, a plea of "no contest" generally will not permit the ticket to be introduced as evidence of guilt in a civil claim. However, in Ohio, paying the ticket, may be a direct admission of guilt and could adversely affect your legal rights in a civil claim for injuries. Keep in mind that a ticket is a criminal matter which is completely different from an injury claim. An injury claim is a civil matter. Different burdens of proof apply in each but there is often overlap in an injury claim. Most Injury Attorneys will provide a free initial consultation.