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What are Work Statuses And Why Are They Important to My Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim?

Posted by attorney L. Ty Wilson

What is work status and why is it important to your Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim? Typically there are three different types of work statuses a doctor can assign. They are full duty, limited duty and no work. Full duty is just as it sounds, it is when a doctor thinks you can return to work full duty without any restrictions. Limited duty is when you are given restrictions by your doctor. When you are given a limited duty work status, your employer will either have work for you or will not be able to accommodate your work duty restrictions. No work status is just as it implies it is when your doctor has taken you out of work completely. Typically speaking you should be receiving weekly checks if you have been out of work over 7 days as directed by your authorized treating physician. If you have specific questions regarding your Georgia workers' compensation claim, you should always speak directly with a Georgia workers' compensation lawyer. To order our Georgia workers' compensation free special reports, call us at 912-208-2992.

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