The Defender's Voice: Weekly Roundup Jan 13-17 2014

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This week on The Defender's Voice, we discuss terrorism charges for an American woman, negligent homicide by a drunk Oracle, AZ woman, DUI accusations against a Tempe patrol officer, widespread vehicle theft in Phoenix's East Valley, and Arson charges for a Virginia woman.


Terrorism Charges for 'Jihad Jane' & Several Co-Conspirators

The woman who calls herself, 'Jihad Jane,' Colleen R. LaRose, was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison on terrorism charges. Back in 2009, LaRose allegedly flew to Europe and agreed to participate in an al Qaeda plot to murder Swedish artist, Lars Vilks, who reportedly "depicted the head of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad on a dog." LaRose, who has an extremely troubled past, has since apologized for "blindly following instruction of her handlers." According to her defense attorney, LaRose was raped by her father at a very young age before she entered prostitution and began using heavy drugs as a teen. Read the full blog here:


Intoxicated Oracle, Arizona Woman Charged with Negligent Homicide

55-year-old Oracle, AZ resident Leanor Guitard allegedly called police last Saturday, stating that she had shot someone who had broken into her home and stabbed her. However, when officers arrived on the scene, they found a heavily intoxicated Guitard kneeling over the dead body of another woman. After examining Guitard, authorities could find no evidence of physical injuries, nor could they find any signs of forced entry into her home. She has since been charged with negligent homicide in the case. Read the full blog here:


Tempe, AZ Patrol Officer Arrested on Several Charges, Including DUI & Felony Flight

In December, former Tempe Police officer, Garrett Peterson reportedly led authorities on two separate high-speed car chases after threatening to kill his ex-wife's husband and his family. During the first car chase, Peterson forced a standoff with police as he refused to exit his vehicle while holding a pistol. After being taken into custody, Peterson blew a 0.25 BAC. As he was released from jail on bond, Peterson was able to lead DPS and Border Patrol agents on another high-speed chase near Yuma and has since been taken into custody. Read the full blog here:


AZ Men Charged with Auto Theft of 50 Vehicles in Mesa & Tempe

A team of two men were able to steal 50 imported vehicles from the Tempe and Mesa, AZ areas. Thanks to an investigation by The Arizona Auto Theft Task Force and the AZ Department of Public Safety, both men have been taken into custody and are facing charges for auto theft, drug offenses, conspiracy, and trafficking in stolen property. Read the full blog here:


Virginia Woman Charged with Arson in Car Fire

A woman called police to report a carjacking late last Saturday night, claiming that a man had come up from behind her as she was entering her vehicle, pressed a gun to her back, and forced her to relinquish her keys before driving away in her car. Shortly after, cops received a call about a car fire not far off from the site of the incident. It was soon determined that the victim's roommate had actually stolen the vehicle and set it ablaze, for reasons that have yet to be determined. Read the full blog here:

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