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Posted by attorney Ernesto Romero
  • Co-developed Wisconsin's first free urban pro se courthouse clinic for the poor. To see clinic click here.
  • Developed Wisconsin's first free online 72-county survey database list of legal process servers recommended by Wisconsin's legal community.
  • Developed Wisconsin's first free online survey database list of mediators recommended by Wisconsin lawyers by county.
  • Developed Wisconsin's first free online survey database list of pension, personal property, real estate appraisers and vocational evaluators recommended by Wisconsin lawyers by county.
  • Developed Wisconsin's first free online survey database list of mental health professionals and private investigators recommended by Wisconsin lawyers by county.
  • Attempted to develop Wisconsin's first free lawyer to lawyer referral survey database, but the Wisconsin State Bar Association's Ms. Salud Garcia refused to share their listserv information arguing that it unfairly competed with LRIS (And lawyers still ask for peer referrals regardless of LRIS' existence.)
  • Developed Wisconsin's free CCAPs around Wisconsin- a free database of records.
  • Created Wisconsin's first online professional evaluation survey form for attorneys. See sample: Survey Result on Attorney Ernesto Romero
  • Developed (aka ) - Wisconsin's first online repository of judicial surveys aimed at recognizing our best and brightest jurists 24/7/365. See survey samples: Survey Result for Racine county judge -The Hon. John S. Jude Survey Result for Jefferson county family court commissioner - The Hon. Michael Onheiber.

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Awarded a Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors' 1999 Resolution Plaque thanking him for his efforts to ensure that Milwaukeeans have equal access to the law.
Success Stories 1999, LEO Alumni, University of Wisconsin Law School.
First U.S.A. lawyer to build a non-CGI-bin Web-based program enabling dynamic PDF virtual legal documents to be generated 'on the fly' from user-side virtual data input entered into an easy-to-use interface filled in with controlled tabbing sequence utilizing JavaScript. In short, clients may create and modify their own professional looking, print-on-demand, legal forms effortlessly - filled-in typed, complete, and ready-for-filing 24/7/365 on the Web.
Designed the only Web-based statistics program enabling Wisconsin deputy court clerks, pro se center workers, lawyers, and the public to fill out and to professional print the official Original Certificate of Divorce or Annulment form.
Wisconsin's first attorney to develop a Web-based legal robot named Z3 designed to generate the fastest and the most complete pleadings for a simple divorce, legal separation, or annulment. (Z3 was retired due to its overhead costs.)
Wisconsin's first attorney with a 100% World Wide Web Interactive Law Firm.
Wisconsin's first attorney to digitize the complete set of divorce and paternity print-on-demand legal forms in HTML, online fill-in Word and PDF formats (full PDF set downloadable in one click) legally valid in all Wisconsin county courthouses at no cost to the public at, named a state legal forms resource by FindLaw .
Secured domain name: - an easier domain name for attorneys and the public to use.
Secured domain name: - which contains a directory of Latino lawyers.
Secured domain Wisconsin Abogados name:
Secured domain Milwaukee Abogados name:

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