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VA Pension (Aid and Attendance) -- 3 Myths That Keep Qualified Veterans From Even Applying

Posted by attorney John Watts

The VA Pension (Aid and Attendance) is a wonderful benefit that can pay veterans up to over $2,000 a month. So many veterans qualify, but don't receive this benefit. This is a shame and we have tried to figure out why this is and the best answer is there is so much mis-information or myths floating around.

Here are three common myths:

  1. It is only for service related injuries. Truth is it is not for service related injuries at all. That is called "Compensation" or "Disability".

  2. It is only for retired veterans. Truth is this has nothing to do with whether you retired or not from the military. It is simply an unfortunate name chosen by the VA -- "Pension" -- so understand as long as you qualify, your length of service doesn't mean anything.

  3. It is only for combat veterans. Truth is you could have stayed in Alabama or anywhere in the world and never were close to combat and still be considered a "war time" veteran and qualify.

I hope this video helps encourage you to explore whether you qualify for this important benefit.

If you live in Alabama and have questions, feel free to call us.

John G. Watts

Watts & Herring, LLC

Birmingham, Alabama

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