Under what grounds could I be removed from the US.

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Aliens how were inadmissible at the time of entry or AOS

Alines how were inadmissible at the time of entry or AOS, or who have otherwishe violated thier status, such as those who have worked without authroziation or have overstayed their time in the US. Also included are alins whose conditional residence status has been canceled, those who had engaged in alien smuggling, and alines who have engaged in marraige fraud.


Aliens who have been convicted of a crime

invoving moral turpitude commtted within five years after the date of admission, where the max stentence, which could be imposed for the crime, is one year or longer. Also, an aline who at any time after admission is convicted of tow or more crimes invovolving moral turpitured is deportable. These deportation grounds also include alines who are convicted of controlled substance violations (other than a single offense invovolving possession ofr one's own use of 30 grams or less of marijuana) as well as drug abusers and drug addicts, and those who have been convited of any firearems violations. Also those who are convicted of an aggravated felony at any time after admission.


Failure to register a change of address

UNLESS the laine establishes that such failure was reasonably excusable or was not willful; for any conviction related to the use of false documents or for flasely claiming US citizenship.


Violation of security and related grounds

such as terrorist activities, engagin in actions which could have potentially serious adverse foreign pocly consequences for the US, and if she has engaged in Nazi persecution or genocide


Becoming a public charge

within five years of entry, from a cuase that did not arise after entry, is alos deportable.


has voted in any federal, state or local law is deportable

votes in any federal, state or local election or law.

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