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Types of White Collar Crimes

Posted by attorney Brandon Hudson

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes that usually occur in the business world. If you have been accused of fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering you need to learn as much as you can about the charges you are facing.

White collar crimes were given their name due to the fact that they are usually committed by business professionals within their workplace. This corporate crime is always motivated by financial gain and can affect employers, employees, stock holders, and investors alike. One of the most common types of white collar crime is fraud. Fraud can range from credit card fraud to bank fraud to identity theft to mail fraud and each offense has serious penalties. It is defined as willfully deceiving others in order to profit from their downfall. An example of this is telemarketing fraud. Telemarketers may ask for people’s personal information in order to receive a prize or gain from a special offer. The information will instead be used to gain control of their bank accounts or other assets.

If you were accused of misusing assets that had been entrusted to you, you could be found guilty of embezzlement. This usually occurs in a business setting when an owner misuses funds entrusted to them by clients or when an employee takes information or funds from their employer. It can even occur in a marriage where one spouse secretly takes money or property that belonged to the other spouse. Embezzlement usually has to include tampering with records so that people are not able to discover the theft. Another reason why this crime may go unnoticed is that funds are usually taken in smaller amounts over a long period of time. Although some embezzlers will take out a large amount of money, it is easier to cover up smaller amounts. Other embezzlers create fake employees or vendors and pocket the money that was issued for payroll or to pay bills. Whatever the case, if you were accused of embezzlement, you will need a strong legal advocate on your side to protect you.

Lastly, money laundering is usually a necessity caused by other offenses. When money is illegally procured, the offender cannot spend the money without raising suspicion as to where the money was acquired. In order to avoid this suspicion, these individuals can resort to money laundering in order to hide their tracks. Money laundering works by taking “dirty money" and attempting to make it look like it came from a legitimate source. This does not only occur with money gained from white collar crimes, but from other crimes like drug trafficking or sex trafficking. As an example of how money laundering works, the money is deposited into a bank account, deposited into foreign bank accounts, invested, used for large purchases, and eventually withdrawn as “clean money." If you were accused of committing any of these white collar crimes, you should contact a criminal defense attorney from our team whether you were falsely accused or know you have made a mistake.

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