Types of Injuries in Workers Compensation Cases

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Repetitive Trauma

Workers can recover benefits for injuries that result from repetitive movements when those movements are required for the completion of work related tasks. One of the most common types of repetitive trauma injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, which usually results from constant computer use. Additionally, repetitive hammering with a heavy tool over time can eventually result in repetitive trauma injuries to the arms. Even standing for prolonged periods of time can constitute repetitive trauma to the legs if the standing is required to perform a job related task.


Traumatic Physical Injuries

An employee can receive benefits for a traumatic physical injury if it occurs while performing a specific work related activity. For example, when a worker falls off of a ladder and breaks a leg, that worker can receive benefits because the injury occurred simultaneously by a specific work related incident. Likewise, a worker can recover workers compensation benefits for hyper extending his or her arm while reaching up to restock a shelf at work. Work related traumatic physical injuries represent the most common claim in Illinois workers compensation law.


Occupational Diseases

When workers are diagnosed with diseases that result from exposure to elements at work that they ordinarily wouldn't have exposure to outside of work, they can recover workers compensation benefits. For example, a coal miner can sue for a lung disease that is caused by inhaling coal dust at work.


Mental Injuries

Workers can receive benefits for mental injuries that arise out of employment. There are two types of mental injures, those that arise out of emotional strain and those that arise out of physical injuries. An example of a mental injury that arises out of a physical injury is when a worker is hit on the head with a piece of equipment and suffers memory loss. An example of a mental injury that arises out of emotional strain is when an employee witnesses a hand amputation at work and suffers insomnia as a result of witnessing the event.

Additional Resources

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