Two Keys to Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Experience Matters - Your Case Is Not Law School

Of course, we all have to start somewhere. But in terms of criminal defense, when your freedom is on the line, you should look for a lawyer who has experience in the field. This experience should include actual courtroom experience, where the lawyer prosecuted or defended cases. Only through actual experience can a lawyer get "a feel" for how things work, what works best, and most importantly, how to win. Ask your prospective lawyer what kind of experience he has? Has he or she ever worked in a State prosecutor's office or for the Public Defender? How many trials has the lawyer been involved in? What kind of cases has the lawyer worked on? Don't be afraid to ask questions. You are the client!


Lawyers Are People Too - Hire Someone You Can Relate To

Putting all the lawyer jokes aside for a moment, it should be said that lawyers are people just like everyone else. We have families, children, pets. We pay bills, sometimes late, and worry about things like car payments and the mortgage. And I can promise you that most of us know someone, sometimes someone close, who has needed their own criminal defense lawyer at one time. My point is that you better make sure you can relate to the lawyer you end up hiring. You are going to be dealing with very sensitive subject matter that is often uncomfortable to discuss. Certain things you did might be quite embarrassing, and maybe right now, nobody but you has any idea. You should feel as if you can discuss these things with the lawyer you choose. Such a sense of comfort won't happen overnight, but you can get an idea pretty early on if the lawyer you are thinking of hiring is someone you feel will understand you and you will be okay with coming clean and being 100% honest.

Additional Resources

These are just two "tips" to keep in mind when looking to hire your criminal defense attorney. For more information, please visit and request our FREE full-length book on how to hire the right lawyer. You will find many more important considerations to make sure the lawyer you hire is the right one for you. You can also call us any time at (410) 653-0065 or (410) 656-9LAW. We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you at no cost.

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