Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures (Cotton Fractures) and Personal Injury Claims

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What is a trimalleolar fracture?

A trimalleolar ankle fracture, or tri-malleolar fracture, is a fracture of the ankle involving the medial malleolus, lateral malleolus, and the lower part of the tibia (the posterior malleolus). Such injuries are serious and require surgery and a cast for 6-8 weeks. Injuries may be complicated by infection, arthritis, nerve damage and blood vessel damage. Other types of ankle injuries include bimalleolar ankle fractures, proximal fibular fractures, tibia shaft fractures, and distal fibular fractures.


How do trimalleolar fractures occur?

Trimalleolar ankle injuries may occur when a person slips on a slippery surface, trips on an object, or steps into a hole and falls onto the ground. Ankle injuries may also result in car and truck accidents when a person plants a foot on the brake before impact with a stationary object or another car. Trimalleolar breaks may also be a result of pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Diagnosis is made usually with an x-ray of the injured area. In some cases, a CT scan is utilized to further evaluate an injury.


Symptoms of trimalleolar fractures

Seek immediate medical treatment by a physician with any suspected ankle injury. Common symptoms of a broken ankle, trimalleolar fracture, or cotton fracture are swelling, tenderness and severe pain. A person with an ankle dislocation or fracture may not be able to (and should not) put any weight on the injured leg. The ankle may appear to be out of joint or displaced, depending on the way the ankle was injured.


Compensation for trimalleolar ankle fractures

Trimalleolar fractures are a serious and costly injury. Victims will require surgery and be forced to be off their feet for weeks or months. Ankle fractures can change a victim's way of life permanently, and prohibit participation is activities such as sports and jogging. If you have been suffered a trimalleolar fracture or cotton fracture in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings related to the accident, pain and suffering, and other accident related expenses. Contact a competent personal injury attorney in your area with experience handling trimalleolar fracture injuries.

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