Top Virginia Workers Compensation Tips

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Report Every Injury Following the Employer's Procedure

Most larger employers have accident forms that must be filled out immediately. An injured employee should follow this procedure. This should prevent the insurer from contesting the claim.


List All Body Parts That Were Injured.

You must make sure on the accident report that you list all body parts that were injured. If you leave something off, it may be hard to add it at a later date.


Seek Medical Care Immediately

If you delay getting medical care, it may be difficult to get the employer or it's insurer to provide the medical care. You have a much better chance of getting approval if you do it right away.


Make Sure You Give Each Doctor A Good History

Each doctor will take a history of how you were injured. You can a avoid a problem with the insurer if the history you give the doctor agrees with the accident report that you initially filled out. Again, it needs to list all body parts that you claimed were injured and the doctor needes to examine each body part.


Legal Advice Before a Recorded Statement

You know you were injured. You want compensation and medical care. You think telling your story to the claims adjuster will get you these benefits. But if your claim has any legal problem the recorded statement may doom your case. That is why talking to an experienced WC first may be a must.


Right to Three Doctor Panel

In Virginia you have a right to choose a doctor from a three doctor panel provided by the WC insurer. A skilled attorney can help you choose the right doctor from the doctor panel.

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