Don't Get Out of Your Car

Stay put when you are pulled over, I have seen many cases where a driver gets out of his/her car to confront the officer because the driver felt that they were wrongly pulled over. This is a good way to get tased, I would suggest that you stay put and take notes of the traffic conditions, the weather, etc.


Don't Be Rude or Confrontational

Many times the difference between a wonderful outcome for your citation and a terrible outcome is dependent upon your attitude when you were pulled over. Profanities, whether spoken or those communicated through hand gestures, will only come back to bite you in court. Don't think that the officer won't recall your behavior and use this to try and sway the Judge's decision during sentencing.


Don't Demand to Inspect the Radar or Laser

While you may feel that you have a right to begin inspecting the laser or radar used in your case while you are still sitting on the side of the road, it is not a good idea and will likely result in a warning turning into a citation for the highest possible fine. When you hire a traffic attorney, the attorney will have an opportunity to inspect the officer's training certificate and calibration log for accuracy and statutory compliance.


Don't Admit Anything

Often times, clients will admit their offense to the officer - thinking that this will somehow help them avoid the citation. While honesty is a good policy, especially when discussing your case with a traffic attorney, you should refrain from admitting the offense to the issuing officer. When an admission is in the officer's notes, your chances of getting your offense amended or your fine reduced are greatly diminished.