The Top 3 Things You Need To Know if You're Arrested

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I'll talk.... to my attorney.

Many people believe that if they could only just explain what happened, they might not be arrested. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Saying you didn't do it, saying you weren't there, saying that someone else started the fight-- could all come back to haunt you later down the road. It doesn't matter what they say they know or what they say someone else said...the last thing your attorney wants is for you to tell them what YOU know. It is better not to say anything except "I'd like to speak with an attorney" and let him/her help you decide what's in your best interest.


They're listening!

Jail phones are there for a reason. Use them to scrape up bail, arrange for someone to take care of your kids or get a hold of your attorney. DO NOT use them to talk about the case, in plain language, in "code" or otherwise. Both officers and the district attorney's office have access to your phone calls, which are recorded. Don't say anything on those phones that you wouldn't say straight to the District Attorney or arresting officer's face-- because the only thing in between them and those phone calls is time.


Full Disclosure, please.

You wouldn't go to a doctor and tell him that your leg was broken when it was actually your arm, would you? Just like doctors, attorneys can't "diagnose" a problem they don't know exists and they certainly can't advise you about your case if you don't trust them enough to talk to them about what led up to your arrest. Attorney-client privilege exists for a reason-- when you hire an attorney, ask yourself whether or not you're going to feel comfortable talking to him/her. Very rarely do we hear something that surprises us. We're here to help, not to judge- keep us in the loop!

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