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Top 10 reasons to be a US Citizen

Posted by attorney Rebecca Berdugo

Why should I be a US citizen? Here are the top 10 reasons As a US citizen you can: 1)vote in national, state and local elections, 2) you can travel with a US passport 3)you may sponsor your relatives for permanent resident status in the US 4) government benefits – some permanent residents cannot receive the same public benefits as citizens 5) federal jobs – certain types of gov’t agencies require US citizenship 6) running for office – many elected positions require the officeholder to be a US citizen 7) tax consequences – citizens are treated different than permanent residents, especially when it comes to estate taxes 8) Federal grants- many are only open to US citizens 9) Deportation – after you become a citizen it is very rare that you will be threatened with deportation if you run into criminal problems 10) Guaranteed Re-entry to the United States After Traveling Abroad: After leaving the U.S. for more than 180 days Permanent Residents can lose their green card upon attempted re-entry if the Port of Entry determines that the green card has been abandoned. While a immigration atty can obtain a re-entry permit for green card holders, which allows a Permanent Resident to travel abroad for up to two years without “abandoning" his/her U.S. residence. Citizens can come and go as they please

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