Tips for New Fathers in Las Vegas.

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Don't take it for granted that the mother knows you are the father. Protect your rights.


Are you a father?

Whether married or unmarried to the mother, your first question should be, "Am I the natural father of this child?"Even if you enjoy a very close relationship with the mother, it is natural to wonder. Sometimes even the mothers do not know who the father is. Before custody disputes arise, you can look for clues as to your paternity. Inherited genetic traits can help. Also, there are mail in paternity tests, but, to avoid conflict with the mother, you will want to do this all on the sly.If you are the father and you are married to the mother, congratulations. You will be deemed to be a joint physical and legal custodian of the child. If you are married, but not the father, keep reading.If you are not married, but you are the father, keep reading.


Married, but not the real daddy, what to do...

If you are married, and not the father, consider consulting a divorce attorney immediately. If you do not deny your paternity within a reasonable time period, you may be deemed the legal custodian even though you are not genetically related.If you hold yourself out to be the father, even though you have been duped by your wife (wittingly or unwittingly) a family judge in Nevada will likely order you to continue to support the child as it would be in the child's best interests.


Unmarried but a new father

If you are not married, but you have determined you are the father, consult a family law attorney immediately to ensure that you can obtain joint physical and joint legal custody.The mother will immediately gain primary physical custody of the child at birth. As primary custodian, she will be entitled to child support from you and can more easily relocate away from the State of Nevada.Note, being on the birth certificate is not enough to guarantee your rights. The best time to establish paternity is when you and the mother are still on good terms.However, if you legally establish your paternity by instituting a paternity action in court, you can request joint physical custody, or if the mother is a monster, you may pursue primary physical custody yourself.

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