Tips for Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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Where to search for an immigration attorney

One good place to start is with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (known as "AILA"). Although not all immigration attorneys are a member of the association, AILA can help you find an attorney who is a member of their organization. The organization provides invaluable amounts of information to its members and an attorney who is a member is likely to have access to all of the most current information in the immigration field of law. Another place you may wish to try is a local bar association. Most local bar associations have referral programs to help you find an attorney who suits your needs.


Questions to ask an immigration attorney

As a potential client, it is important to ask the attorney what percentage of his or her practice is in immigration. Immigration is a highly complex and unique area of law, so it would be best to hire an attorney who has at least some experience with immigration cases, rather than just a general practice attorney, for example, who has never dealt with the immigration system. Another question to ask is whether the attorney has experience with your particular type of immigration case and/or what fee's you should expect to be charged if you were to hire that attorney.

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