Tips For Choosing a Company Name

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Consider Your Target Market

Companies want a unique name that says something about the type of business they are in. You will need to make sure your company name to consider what goods or services you are offering and the clientele you are selling to.


Playing the Name Game

When choosing a business name you should have multiple ideas running around on paper. Playing with various word combinations and phrases is essential to the developing of the perfect name. Remember that you want to keep it short and memorable, so people are more likely to remember it when asked about your particular area of business. Think about nouns and adjectives that describe your new business and combine parts to make a unique word or take an existing word relating to your company and attach a prefix or suffix that relates to your area of industry. Some businesses have created a memorable name by using an off-beat name with some sort of history.


Test Market Your Names

Once you have narrowed down your options to a few good ideas, test them out on others. Let the whole company, friends and family get involved in choosing a company name. Run your ideas by everyone and get their opinions, they may have some great suggestions that never crossed your mind. Make sure that you have reached your final decision before ordering anything with your company name on it, or it may be costly to replace if you make a last minute change. Also, avoid generic names like "Bob's Auto Repair" as they not only tend to be forgettable but are also usually taken. You will need to determine if a business name is already in use when choosing a company name. Checking with your local government agency for business development or an experienced California business law attorney can help you avoid this mistake. In some cases, even a name already in use by another company can be used for your business as well, as long as the industries differ enough.

Additional Resources

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