Be Prepared for the Consular Interview Questions

Interviews at American Embassies or consulates for an immigrant visa based on marriage to U.S. citizen or lawful permanent residence are required. These interviews may be brief or detailed, but one thing these interviews all have in common is the assumption by the consular officer that the marriage is in fact not a legitimate bona fide marriage. The consular officer almost always asks questions about: - how you met your spouse, where you met, and what you have in common, and why you married them (love), - date of marriage, - former spouses - spouse's children - your spouse's date of birth, and - information about your spouse's family (including names of parents and siblings), - spouse's education, current employment, where they reside and who with (roommates, family). Know ALL you can about your spouse.


Be Prepared with Supporting Documents

The Consular Officer will request supporting documents to evidence your genuine marriage. You should always take immigration evidence to the interview, as both the interview and evidence are necessary for success. Following is the type of documentation you should be prepared to take to the interview: - Phone Records (with both you and your spouses phone numbers on the records, and should go back as far as your marriage or even before.) [phone cards may be convenient but do not have records of calls and are not helpful] Money Transfers (support of your spouse, from the time you are married or before) Joint Bank Accounts (with many transactions to show use, and deposits to show support) Emails (as evidence of your communication with each other, it would be wise to leave out emails regarding the immigration process) Mail/Cards (sent to each other) Joint Property Photos (wedding, and of your and your spouse together) Provide as much of the above as you can.