Step One

Assess the situation. Take a moment to focus on whether you or anyone else in your vehicle is injured. Before exiting your vehicle, make sure you have a full appreciation of any potential dangers such as on-coming traffic.


Step Two

If you are medically able, without discussing the accident find out if medical assistance is needed by anyone else involved in the accident.


Step Three

If medical assistance is needed, call or ask someone to call for help. If no medical care is needed, contact the police and as long as it is safe, remain in your vehicle until help arrives.


Step Four

Fully cooperate with the police and answer questions as thoroughly as possible. Point out to the police any witnesses to the accident present once the police arrive.


Step Five

Take care of the medical needs of yourself and/or your passengers by allowing yourself to be transported by ambulance to the hospital if necessary or by going to the emergency room.


Step Seven

It is very important NOT to speak with anyone other than the investigating officer and to the extent necessary your Doctor about your accident before meeting with your attorney. The information that is being sought will absolutely be used against you by the Insurance Company if they can. Let us communicate with the Insurance Company on your behalf to avoid this.