Never ignore a law enforcement officer's directions to you. Follow these directions to a "T". No one likes being ignored especially a police officer. Plus, it simply provides the officer with another reason to arrest you.


Raising your voice

Do not ever raise your voice or challenge the law enforcement officer even if the cop raises his voice, is in your face or is otherwise confrontational. Maintain your calmness and collective self being. When addressing the officer, refer to the officer as "officer" or "Sir" or "ma'am". Treat the officer with the respect with which you want to be treated.



Do not ask the officer for his badge number. Simply memorize the badge number. Additionally, memorize the officer's name. It is usually written on a name plate that is pinned to the officer's uniform shirt.


Reporting Officer

Under no circumstances should you ever advise the officer you are going to report him. This is a surefire ticket to jail. If you have reason to believe the officer has wronged you in some manner, report that to your attorney and let the attorney follow up with a report to the professional standards council or internal affairs.