Calling 911 - The Taxpayer Advocate - A Friend When the Chips Are Down

Form 911 is a Request for Help from the Taxpayer Advocate. You must demonstrate a "significant hardship" that you are suffering from the collection of taxes. Any adverse action, excess costs you might incur, adverse employment actions you may suffer, and/or other irreparable injury. These issues can include a lien filing that impacts one's ability to carry on their profession or could include a levy action that imposes a hardship on a taxpayer. These issues could also include a difficult tax audit, the length and scope of which is crippling a taxpayer's business. If any of these type of issues are present and other relief has not worked, it is wise to bring in the Taxpayer Advocate for additional relief.


Dealing With the Taxpayer Advocate

The Taxpayer Advocate needs a complete file and a detailed explanation of what you wish to achieve in order to help you. Thus, you need to get all your paperwork in order, and you need to tell the Taxpayer Advocate what you want to achieve. You need to provide them with all of the IRS correspondence you have received and you need to make your case to them so that they can try to help you internally within the IRS.