Officer's Statements Often Differ from Your Recollection of What Happened

When you and the officer differ on what happened during an interview or interaction you need to report the officer's lies. A criminal defendant can access an officer's administrative record through a Pitchess motion. The lies or examples of abuse in an officer's file can be used to impeach the officer's testimony at trial or hearing.


Criminal Defendants in California Can Bring a Pitchess Motion

A Pitchess motion allows a criminal defendant to access an officer who lies, abuses his authority or uses excessive force administrative record. This record can be used to impeach the officer at a trial or hearing on a motion to suppress.


If People Report Their Negative Experiences with Officers It Helps Other People

The criminal defendant will get access in a Pitchess motion, but it only helps if the bad officer has an administrative record that reflects his abuse or lying.