The Penalities

The Hangover After The Arrest It's no secret that the legal drinking age is 21 in Florida, but understanding the law and the consequences may either make you think twice before you bottoms up or at least make you a little more cautious. Possession of alcoholic beverages alone is enough for the police to arrest you with a criminal offense punishable by up to $500 in fines and 60 days in jail. You could be arrested if the booze is in your dorm room, apartment, or anywhere that the police could decide that it is where you control it.



And just because you turned twenty-one doesn't mean you're in the clear either. Buying a twelve pack for you and your buddies can get you arrested if you allow underagers to grab a cold one for themselves too. The same penalties apply as if you were under 21, including the driver's license suspension.


Get a Lawyer, it costs alot more to screw it up yourself.

Like most misdemeanor criminal charges, you can probably find an attorney who can negotiate a first-time-offender deal where the charges get ultimately dropped. However, if the charges aren't dismissed, then your license could be suspended for at least six months and possibly up to a year. Ultimately, these laws are imposed to deter drinking and driving, but like we learned two years ago from all the arrests made at the first FIU football game, the police are using their authority to deter even those that have no intention of driving. Fines generate big revenue and that means there's more inventive to the police enforcement than just public safety. Arrests can stain clean records and cause a lot of hard ache when it comes time to apply for a job. The safest course is to just follow the law, but if you don't and for some reason you get caught, exercise your right to remain silent and call a lawyer is a good back up plan.